Detroit Symphony Orchestra

Nearby Businesses Eager To Have DSO Back

Apr 5, 2011

Musicians with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra have agreed to come back to work, under a tentative labor agreement reached this weekend. There are few details, but the deal appears to bring the six-month strike to an end.

ARTFORMS: The Future Of The Symphony Orchestra

Mar 2, 2011

This week, we'll discuss the health and future of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Musicians haven't had a contract since last summer and negotiations with management have often been bitter and personal. Recently, the striking musicians agreed to return to work without a contract hoping for a settlement.

DSO Strike & The Case Of St. Louis

Nov 10, 2010

The musicians strike at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra is now well into its second month. Shows have been cancelled through November. The impasse is, in part, over a proposed pay cut that would put salaries in-line with those at lower tier orchestras.

The players say accepting the concessions would threaten the orchestra's world-class status. But what might the DSO look and sound like if management had its way?