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Parts of Front Street in downtown TC to be closed to vehicles, pedestrian traffic only this summer

Parts of Traverse City's Front Street will be closed to vehicles to make more room for pedestrian foot traffic this summer. The City Commission approved the proposal at a virtual meeting Monday night.

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Max Johnston / Interlochen Public Radio

At a press conference Tuesday, Traverse City officials including Mayor Jim Carruthers and Police Chief Jeff O'Brien condemned the killing of George Floyd while in the custody of Minneapolis Police Officers.

Dan Wanschura

The public health advisory for Grand Traverse County has been lifted today.


E. coli levels in the Boardman River have now returned to a safe level for full body contact with the water.


After heavy rains caused 54,000 gallons of sewage to leak from a manhole cover into the Boardman River last Thursday, several beaches and locations along the Boardman River were closed.  All of those locations are open and safe for use again.


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Boyne City Main Street purchased the Boyne Theater on Sunday from Boyne City Taproom owner, Richard Bergman, for $350,000. 


Before closing in 2003, the theater was used for both movies and as a performance space, according to Boyne City Main Street Executive Director Kelsie King-Duff,


“The main screen is on a heightened stage," she says. "So in the past, even the Boyne City School drama productions and things like that were there.”


Max Johnston / Interlochen Public Radio

Parts of Traverse City's Front Street will be closed to vehicles to make more room for pedestrian foot traffic this summer. The City Commission approved the proposal at a virtual meeting Monday night.

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An inmate at North Lake Correctional Facility in Baldwin has died after contracting COVID-19.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons indicated the death on its website, Friday.

The site shows 27 inmates are currently confirmed sick with COVID-19, while 56 inmates have recovered from the disease.

The prison holds 1,560 immigrants who have been convicted of federal crimes and will be deported following their sentence.

Today on Stateside, what the Wayne State University police chief says needs to happen to regain public trust as the nation erupts in protest over the killing of George Floyd. Plus, a theater director speaks about the role of art in articulating black pain amid civil unrest. 

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Waking to "Reveille" and drifting off to "Taps" are Interlochen traditions - and Classical IPR wants to make sure those traditions continue during the 93rd camp season.

This summer, Classical IPR will play recorded performances of "Reveille" each morning and "Taps" each night during Interlochen Online virtual camp (June 28-July 19). 

Repose has been a listener favorite since the 1980s. Tune in every weeknight at 10 p.m. on Classical IPR. See all of this week's playlists below.

On Wednesday this week, the planet Venus comes to a meeting with the Sun, known astronomically as inferior conjunction. And while Venus is having this encounter with the Sun, the two of them will be square, or at a right angle, with the planet Mars, which greets the dawn from the stars of Aquarius. So what can it mean?

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Ludwig van Beethoven: Concerto No. 5 in E-Flat for Piano & Orchestra, Op. 73, "Emperor"
Ralph Votapek, piano
Traverse Symphony Orchestra
Kevin Rhodes, conductor
(Recorded February 16, 2020, Corson Auditorium, Interlochen)


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