The Grand Haven lighthouse and waves get a good dose of what Todd and Brad Reed call, "magic light" during a November storm in 2015.
Todd and Brad Reed Photography

Points North: Photographing the gales of November

For most people, November isn’t a great time for a day at the beach. But Ludington photographers Todd and Brad Reed aren’t most people. They dream of capturing Lake Michigan at its gnarliest.

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The Village at Grand Traverse Commons

The Northern Michigan Regional Psychiatric Hospital opened November 30th, 1885. It closed 1989, and went on to be redeveloped in the early 2000s.

Today, it stands as the Village at Grand Traverse Commons.

Tour guide Vanessa Vance spoke with IPR’s Kendra Carr about the history of the state hospital.


After a lot of action in the Spring, the state legislature has been quiet on COVID-19 for months. Instead many have focused on legal and political battles.

Now legislators on both sides say that gridlock over the pandemic is likely to continue.

Republican State Senator Wayne Schmidt (R-Traverse City) thinks Gov. Gretchen Whitmer relies too much on executive orders. He supported some of the early ones last Spring. Now he says those orders -- coming from a state agency instead -- are confusing.

Your Favorite Holiday Memory

Nov 30, 2020

Share your favorite holiday memory with Classical IPR!

Whether you fondly recall a sneaky plan to see Santa, playing dreidel way past bedtime, a surprise homecoming or a giant snowstorm, we want to hear from you!

Connie Bruce

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Hey Kids Commuters! The Holiday Season is upon us, and you'll likely be hearing strains of Tchaikovsky's ballet "The Nutcracker" anywhere you go.

This week on Kids Commute, we'll hear creative arrangements of Tchaikovsky's music - it's Novel Nutcracker Week!

We'll have a nutcracker themed Quizlet coming your way, too!

Tune in Monday through Friday at 7:40 a.m. or listen any time at the links below!

There was an eclipse in the early hours of this Monday morning, when the Moon came to Full Phase among the stars of Taurus and slipped into the outer edge of Earth’s shadow, which begs the question astrologically: which is easier to deal with, a full shadow, like at total eclipse; or the barest hint of shadow, like this one?

Thanks to listeners from St. Ignace, St. Joseph, Wolverine, Traverse City, Frankfort, and many other places for your requests this week.

This program features the career of Darita Seth, from his time as a student composer at Interlochen Arts Academy to his tenure with the ensemble Chanticleer to his current work as the artistic director of the chamber choir Choral Audacity.

Seth, the son of Cambodian refugee immigrants, was the first generation of his family born in the United States.

Essay: The Human Voice

Nov 27, 2020

I used to keep a daily journal and recently reread a few of them.  In addition to my own voice, I was grateful to hear other people talking—not my version of what they said but in their own words.

There was my dad, saying, “Try and get along.”  What he wanted was for my brother and me to stop fighting.  Other versions were:  “Don’t rock the boat” and “Let sleeping dogs lie.”  Conflict made Dad uncomfortable, so he’d do anything to avoid it. 


The Christmas season is a good time for contemplation and reflection.

Classical IPR has created a playlist of quiet holiday favorites.

Enjoy this curated selection of Christmas music that was chosen to soothe your spirit and warm your soul.


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