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Kindergarten of the Air
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Classical IPR has created music mixes for many different moments and moods.

Check out our on-demand playlists below.

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From 8-bit chip sounds to full symphony orchestra and chorus, video game music comes in endless styles.

Classical IPR has created an on-demand playlist of music from video games, all arranged for a variety of instruments and ensembles.

Classical IPR has curated an on-demand playlist of music by African American composers.

The playlist includes spirituals, symphonies, opera, music for the theater, concertos, piano pieces and selections from films and video games.

Listen now: Hygge

Jan 19, 2021

"Hygge" is the Danish word for a lifestyle concept that embraces coziness, warmth and familiarity. 

Interlochen Public Radio has created an on-demand playlist of classical music that evokes the concept of hygge.

In a chaotic world, it can be hard to slow down and just focus on the task at hand, whether it's at the office, in the kitchen or out in the garage. 

The contemporary classical music on this playlist was chosen to help calm some of the chaos and encourage focus and contemplation.

Sometimes the holidays call for a full symphony orchestra and hundreds of choristers, and other times, the music can be a little cozier.

With that in mind, Classical IPR put together a Spotify playlist of holiday music for the piano.

Listen now: Adagio

Dec 18, 2020

Our friend Chris suggested that we create a Spotify playlist featuring a collection of adagio movements, so we did!

Classical IPR curated adagio movements and pieces by composers from the 18th century to the present, featuring music for solo piano, symphony orchestra and everything in between.

Take a deep breath and settle in with a curated playlist of peaceful classical piano pieces.

Classical IPR has assembled a Spotify playlist of music for the piano that was chosen to calm and soothe.

Featuring a blend of familiar pieces by composers including Beethoven, Satie and Debussy, the playlist also contains music by some of today's favorite composers, such as Ludovico Einaudi, Alma Deutscher, Max Richter, Joe Hisaishi and many others. 


The Christmas season is a good time for contemplation and reflection.

Classical IPR has created a playlist of quiet holiday favorites.

Enjoy this curated selection of Christmas music that was chosen to soothe your spirit and warm your soul.


We've cooked up a Thanksgiving playlist for this year's holiday.

Lauren St. Clair

If you need music to  make your Christmas season jolly, Classical IPR has just the playlist.

Enjoy this curated list of holiday music for the lighter side of Christmas.

Perhaps no one is more excited about the Christmas season than kids.

Classical IPR has created a playlist of holiday favorites performed by young voices.

What happens when you take popular songs from the last half century and rework them for classical instruments?

In this curated playlist, Classical IPR offers you musical selections from blues, hip-hop, rock, pop and country, all reimagined for classical musicians. 

"Bohemian Rhapsody" for piano duo, Metallica for cello quartet, Britney Spears for ukulele orchestra, Dr. Dre for string trio, Nirvana for symphony orchestra - it's all here.

Listen now: Repose

Nov 3, 2020

Repose has been a part of late nights on Classical IPR for decades.

But have you ever wanted to hear the show outside of the 10 p.m. time slot?

We've got you covered with our on-demand Repose playlist.

Beautiful, relaxing music is available any time, day or night! Listen on demand below.

You'll need a free Spotify account to listen.

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These days, lots of people are working from home.

Classical IPR has curated a playlist to help keep you on track during the workday.

It's a mellow blend of music by composers you know - and a few you might get to know - that we've chosen as just the right background mix for the day. 

The playlist is exactly eight hours long, so when you get to the finale of the William Tell overture, you know it's time to knock off for the day.

Listen on demand below.

Halloween is fast approaching, and we have a special playlist for the spooky season.

Classical IPR has curated an eerie playlist to get you in the Halloween mood, or to play in the background for your trick-or-treaters. 

From classic horror movie themes to avant-garde weirdness, we've got all kinds of creepy cuts to chill your bones! Some of these tunes might be too scary for radio!

Listen on demand below.

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At our friend Sierra's suggestion, Classical IPR has curated a playlist of music that stars the tuba.

We've included lots of pieces written specifically for the instrument by composers including Paul Hindemith, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Michael Daugherty and Jan Koetsier.

Among the tubists featured are Gene Pokorny, Patrick Sheridan, Carol Jantsch and James Gourlay, plus composer-tubists Kenneth Amis and Øystein Baadsvik.

Listen on demand below.

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Think you might like opera but don't know where to start? 

Classical IPR has you covered with our "Opera for beginners" Spotify playlist. 

We've collected some of opera's greatest arias (sung by a soloist), duets and choruses in a curated playlist. 

Listen on demand below.