Special prosecutor to take over Grand Traverse jail suicide case

Jan 29, 2018

Grand Traverse County jail
Credit Aaron Selbig

A special prosecutor will handle a jail suicide case in Grand Traverse County. The state attorney general has appointed the Antrim County prosecutor to take over.

Alan Halloway hanged himself in the Grand Traverse County jail last summer. An investigation by Michigan State Police found that corrections officers violated multiple policies and procedures. For example, it took officers three hours to find Halloway dead in his cell; they were supposed to check him every hour. 

In December, Grand Traverse County Prosecutor Bob Cooney said a special prosecutor should take the case because he could appear partial. Cooney has advised the county in a lawsuit related to the suicide, and he charged Halloway with attempted murder last summer. 

Now, the Antrim County Prosecutor takes over the case and will likely determine if corrections officers should be charged for misconduct.