Points North: A multi-million-dollar fisheries project is suddenly on hold

Feb 18, 2021

Construction on the nearly $20 million FishPass project at the Union Street Dam in Traverse City is on hold until May, at the earliest.
Credit Peter Payette

A years-long effort to build an experimental fish ladder on the Boardman River in Traverse City is in jeopardy. That’s all because of a man who decided to sue the city to protect a place he loves. 

The well-known project is called FishPass. For supporters, it’s the key to restoring the Boardman River and tackling a worldwide problem for dammed rivers. To critics, it’s a looming disaster for downtown Traverse City.

Also, thousands of ducks have been gathering close to shore in West Grand Traverse Bay recently. The group of birds is called a raft. They're common this time of year but are usually hard to spot.