Points North, Ep. 11: 'Grossly negligent'

May 2, 2019

This week on Points North, a hunter was shot and killed by another hunter on opening day of deer hunting season last fall. It was ruled an accident, but it became apparent there was more to the story. Plus, the bond between a hunter and his dog.

Why the shooter was charged with manslaughter in Torch Lake hunter death
Justin Beutel was a Harley-Davidson mechanic and had just opened his own bike shop when he was killed.
Credit Courtesy of Theresa Schurman

Justin Beutel was gutting a buck on family property. Nearby, another hunter crossed a dirt road, walked past a 'No Trespassing' sign onto Beutel's family property and went up a hill. Then he told investigators he saw movement, raised his rifle and fired.

Learn more about what happened next here.

Bing the hunting dog

Garrett Noyes with his springer spaniel, Bing at DeYoung Natural Area in Traverse City.
Credit Morgan Springer / Interlochen Public Radio

Sometimes when Bing wants to go hunting, he’ll pick up Garrett Noyes’ hunting boots and bring them to him. Bing is a three-year-old springer spaniel, and Noyes says bird hunting is in the dog’s DNA. This will be the third season Noyes and Bing hunt together.

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