The Michigan Attorney General’s Office is investigating a criminal complaint against Grand Traverse County Commission Vice Chair Ron Clous. He displayed a firearm during a constituent’s public comment in a virtual board meeting in January.

Environmental Defence Canada


Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s notice to shut down Line 5 in the Straits of Mackinac by May won’t prompt some of the changes many environmental groups hoped for. 

Fishtown Preservation Society


The few full-timers left working as commercial fishers in Michigan received good news this month amid a tumultuous year for the industry.

The Queen of the Moon can be seen wandering through her snowflake palace this week when she dons her gibbous gown and passes through the asterism of the Winter Hexagon. There are six first-magnitude stars here setting a terrific stage for her to cast her snowflakes from on high, including among them our brightest star, Sirius.

'Never Ending Story, Spider Man's Eye' by artist FreindsWithYou.
Dan Wanschura / Interlochen Public Radio

The Dennos Museum Center in Traverse City is a lot noisier than normal. That's because it's now home to 10 blow-up sculptures, each inflated by air pumps.

Peter Payette

A years-long effort to build an experimental fish ladder on the Boardman River in Traverse City is in jeopardy. That’s all because of a man who decided to sue the city to protect a place he loves. 

Cheyna Roth / WKAR-MSU

On Wednesday, Governor Gretchen Whitmer again claimed the Legislature’s Republican leaders are failing to bargain on a COVID-19 plan for Michigan. The governor said GOP leaders have not engaged in serious discussions, even though Republicans and business groups have put forward their plans.

Courtesy Rob Grimes

To those who spent a lot of time there, Comic Book E.R. was much more than a comic shop. It was where Cadillac’s outsiders and geeks came together.



Michigan continued a trend last year of fewer felons returning to prison for committing new crimes for violating the terms of their parole. That’s according to the Michigan Department of Corrections’ tracking of parolees for three year after they’ve been released.

Outdoors: Footprints in the snow

Feb 17, 2021

In his first book of Preludes, Claude Debussy wrote a melancholy piece, which in English is called "Footprints in the Snow."

Clearly, he intended to express desolation, for in the manuscript, he wrote, "This rhythm should have the sonorous value of a sad and frozen landscape."

Lexi Krupp / IPR News


Construction on the nearly $20 million FishPass project in Traverse City is on hold until May, at the earliest. 

Nearly 50 years ago this month, the Soviet Venera Mission approached the planet Venus and later landed there, sending back the first color images of the planet’s surface, unveiling the goddess of love and beauty for a new generation of poets and dreamers.

Michigan Department of Natural Resources

A century ago, Michigan decided politics was not useful for protecting the state’s forests, water and wildlife. A commission was set up to manage natural resources without much influence from elected officials.

Taylor Wizner


Public health officials say the positivity rate, hospitalizations and new Covid cases are all trending downward.

Outdoors: Birds' courtship performances

Feb 10, 2021

It seems early, but on one of our rare sunny days, I heard a chickadee sing his two-note mating call.

The courtship season for birds will soon be here.

Because Valentines’ Day coming soon, I would point out that bird courtship is an artistic endeavor.

To attract a mate, a male bird must sing, dance, behave dramatically or create a visual presentation.

In the dance department, some species dance, and others perform acrobatic courtship flights.

Ritual dancing is, for many birds, a critical part of pair bonding.

Becky Dornoff

In October Danielle Dornoff came home with mild Covid symptoms. She also has a heart condition so her mother Rebecca took her to the hospital.

She's one of eight adopted children Becky and her husband Michael have at home, all with special needs.

Not long after she tested positive for Covid and was admitted, Becky and Michael weren't far behind.

Spectrum Health

Meijer will open COVID-19 vaccine clinics at many of its pharmacies this week. But at this time, it isn’t known which stores will have the vaccine.

This week on Thursday, February 11, we arrive at the time of the New Moon, or the  “Neomēniá,” which is a term used to describe both the festival of the Moon or simply the beginning of the lunar month.

Kris Krüg on Flickr

The plan to dig a nearly four-mile tunnel underneath the Straits of Mackinac and replace the Line 5 oil and gas pipelines continues to move forward. 

Taylor Wizner


It’s exactly 1 p.m. Monday when Interlochen residents Aaron and Mary Kay Stander click on Grand Traverse County’s website.

Grand Traverse County

The Grand Traverse County Board of Commissioners didn't punish Board Vice Chair Ron Clous Wednesday for pulling out a gun during a constituent's comments last month.

A sign at Pelizzari Natural Area in Peninsula Township indicates that dogs must be leashed. But some dog owners don't always follow that rule.
Sam Augusta

On a cloudy Sunday at the Pelizzari Natural Area in Peninsula Township, Wendy Dorman jogs with her dog Daisy. On this run, Daisy is on a leash but sometimes Dorman lets her run wild. 

Outdoors: Moving forests

Feb 3, 2021

In one of Shakespeare's tragedies, the one set in Scotland, an apparition of a child predicted that the king would never be vanquished until a forest walked up the hill to his castle.

Indoor dining begins again in Michigan's rural restaurants

Feb 2, 2021
Misti Lake

Michigan's restaurants were allowed to open indoor dining at 25% capacity Monday with a 10:00p.m. curfew.   Many restaurant owners are relieved to serve food indoors for the first time since November. 


Misti Lake, co-owner of the River City Inn in the Manistee National forest, runs the business with her husband and their three kids, who serve as their only employees. 

Keweenaw Convention & Visitor's Bureau

Warmer winter temperatures are causing snow totals in many areas around the Great Lakes to drop dramatically. Scientists say a warmer climate means less lake effect snow. That leaves snow enthusiasts and businesses that depend on snow scrambling to try to adapt.