Interlochen Public Radio had $1.6 million of total revenue during fiscal year 2018, which ended on May 31, 2018. Support for our public radio services came from the following sources:


$905,000 - Listener Gifts

$278,000 - Business Sponsorships

$270,000 - Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB)

On Jan. 20, Donald J. Trump will be sworn in as our 45th President of the United States.  The election was one of the most contentious in recent memory and has exposed or inflamed serious divisions in American society. All this week on Stateside, we’ll speak with Michiganders who were drawn to the President-elect’s message about their hopes for the new administration.

Renee White is a substitute teacher from Manistee. She’s also a mom worried about her kids in today’s economy.

When a mass shooting takes place in the United States, it is the duty of the media to report the news. However, a recent article in Mother Jones cites research that suggests the sensationalizing of these killings might make the problem worse.

Six weeks ago in Kalamazoo, Uber driver Jason Dalton went on a shooting rampage between picking up passengers. Dalton has confessed to killing six people and wounding two others.

Northern Michigan’s largest weekly newspaper has a new owner. Luke Haase took over publishing the Northern Express this week. Haase owns the Traverse City Business News, a printed monthly, and The Ticker, a digital daily news feed.

The Express was owned for 23 years by the guys who started it, Bob Downes and George Foster. The two gave a strong endorsement to the new owner in a farewell column. Luke Haase says their steady track record has created a loyal readership for the paper.