Points North, Ep. 5: March Madness

Mar 21, 2019

Ten-year-old Ricky Bristol plays his violin at Boyne City Elementary School. He's been practicing his instrument almost every day while competing in the March Madness Practice Competition.
Credit Erin Iafrate

This week on Points North, March Madness is here. But for some in northern Michigan that means practicing their musical instruments – not college basketball. Plus, we meet the Upper Peninsula Poet Laureate and take a look at counterfeit money in northern Michigan.

Local music students perform in bracket-style competition
David Reimer is the music director for the Dorothy Gerber Strings Program. He uses sports to inspire his students to establish good practicing habits.
Credit Erin Iafrate

David Reimer is trying to create a culture of commitment and intensity for his young music students. Using the sports world for inspiration, he’s started a music practice competition called March Madness.

Hear how the competition is motivating his students.

U.P. Poet Laureate writes poems inspired by place
Marty Achatz poses with a Sasquatch statue. He is working on a collection of poems that all have Bigfoot in them.
Credit Marty Achatz / Facebook

Marty Achatz is the first ever Upper Peninsula Poet Laureate to be awarded the honor for a second consecutive time. He writes poems filled with the imagery of the Lake Superior and the natural world in the U.P.

Learn more about Achatz's poetry, including one poem about Bigfoot.

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Corrections: A previous version of the show identified the detective from the Charlevoix County Sheriff's Office as Travis Miller. His name is Travis Williams. We also incorrectly pronounced the name of Marty Achatz.