Points North, Ep. 13: Vaccine distrust

May 16, 2019

Michigan health officials are trying to educate parents that are skeptical of vaccines, encouraging them to immunize their kids. But it’s not working in Grand Traverse County, where more and more parents are opting out of vaccinations. Plus, a dietician helps people cook healthier food.

Vaccine-skeptical parents remain unpersuaded


Meghan Flaska had to go to an educational session at the Grand Traverse County Health Department to get vaccine waivers for two of her children.
Credit Courtesy of Megan Flaska

Four years ago, Michigan tried to improve child vaccination rates by making parents go to an education session on immunization. The move increased vaccinations by 25 percent across the state, but in Grand Traverse County many parents are still saying ‘no’ to vaccines. 

Learn more about the education session and why they're not working.


Baby carrots and the quest for healthier cooking
These olive-oil braised carrots with warm spices were made by Laura McCain, a dietician at Munson Medical Center in Traverse City.
Credit Max Johnston / Interlochen Public Radio

Laura McCain, a dietician at Munson Medical Center in Traverse City, says a lack of confidence with cooking can make it hard to get a healthy meal on the table. Even a simple recipe like baby carrots with warm spices can help a lot at the dinner table.

Click here for the recipe for olive oil braised carrots with warm spices.

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Elderly drivers in Grand Traverse County have one of the highest rates of car accidents in the state. 

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