Mega I-75 project spurs new road funding debate

Jun 15, 2016


The Michigan Department of Transportation plans to widen Interstate 75 through Oakland County — but there’s a snag in the funding. A provision in a 1951 law requires cities or villages with a minimum of 25,000 residents, such as Troy, to pay a part for any highway construction within the state. But some residents whose communities fall under the provision don’t want to pay.

Some communities, such as Bloomfield Township, that are larger than 25,000 don’t have to pay anything because they’re not classified as cities or villages. Oakland County doesn’t have to pay either.

Legislation has been introduced to repeal the city match requirement for highway construction projects. Passing by unanimous votes through the state House of Representatives and Senate, the legislation is headed to Gov. Rick Snyder.

Jonathan Oosting, a reporter for The Detroit News, wrote about I-75 construction project in Oakland County. He joined us to discuss the project and the response to it.


Jonathan Oosting is a Michigan politics reporter for The Detroit News.

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