Kids Commute Story Challenge: Mickey and Millie

May 14, 2020

Kids Commute Story Challenge: this story, by Roya McAllister, is called "Mickey and Millie." The music is "The New Lobby Boy" by Alexandre Desplat.

Welcome to another installment of the Kids Commute Story Challenge! We choose a piece of music, and ask you to make some art or write a story to go with it!

This time, we have a story by nine-year-old Roya McAllister of Ann Arbor, Michigan! Her tale, "Mickey and Millie," is set to "The New Lobby Boy" by Alexandre Desplat.

Thanks to Bill Church and our actors from the Interlochen Arts Academy Theatre Department!

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NARRATOR: Grayson Yuzon
MICKEY: Scout Carter
MILLIE: Charlotte Kearns