Kids Commute Story Challenge!

Apr 16, 2020

It's the Kids Commute Story Challenge! Listen to music, and write us a story or draw us a picture! This one is by Aspen Clayton, 10, from Downers Grove, Illinois!

Hi Kids Commuters! We’re always talking about musical imagery on Kids Commute, and we’re issuing a challenge to you.

The Kids Commute team wants to hear your stories inspired by a specific piece of music. The music is "The New Lobby Boy" from "The Grand Budapest Hotel" by Alexandre Desplat. You can listen to it below.

UPDATE! Submissions are coming in! Take a look at these pictures inspired by the music, created by Aspen Clayton, 10,  from Downers Grove, Illinois!

Stories you've sent us are currently in production - we can't wait to share them! Stay tuned.

Art inspired by "The New Lobby Boy" by Aspen Clayton, age 10, from Downers Grove, Illinois. Thanks, Aspen!

Your story can be about whatever your imagination conjures up, but it can’t take any longer to read aloud than the music itself, which is two minutes and eighteen seconds long.

We’ll pick our favorite stories and bring them to life in a dramatic reading for the radio!

If you don’t want to write a story, send us a picture and we’ll put it on our website!

Send your submissions to