ICA chips in for Green Lake Township police officer

Jul 3, 2019

A patrol car from the Grand Traverse County Sheriff's Department.
Credit Grand Traverse Sheriff's Office

Green Lake Township currently relies on other deputies from across Grand Traverse County, but now the county will assign an officer to the township.

Interlochen Center for the Arts, Green Lake Township and Grand Traverse County will split the bill. Overall, the officer will cost about $130,000, which includes training and equipment costs.

Vice President of Finance and Operations at ICA Pat Kessel says an officer nearby will make campus safer.

"When there are things going on ... where there might be problems, knowing that there's potential to have somebody closer by is a great advantage to the institution and others," Kessel says.

Captain Chris Clark with the Grand Traverse Sheriff's Office says this will speed up emergency response in Green Lake Township.

"If we do have an emergency, the response time of a Green Lake Township officer would be much quicker than that of a regular road patrol officer," he says.

Clark says they hope to have someone hired by the fall.