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In Studio A with Joaquin Chavez, Clarinet

Kate Botello
Joaquin Chavez (L) and Rhyss Burgess (R)

The Peruvian clarinetist shares work of von Weber

Joaquin Chavez first learned about Interlochen from his teacher, but there's a particular muse that a lot of Peruvian kids look up to.

Apparently, a lot of young Peruvian musicians learn about Interlochen because of a famous alumnus - Elmer Churampi.

Churampi - who Chavez says is one of the best trumpet players in the world - studied at Interlochen, and spread the word that this is the place to be for young musicians. Churampi plays with the Dallas Symphony and Canadian Brass.

Chavez performed the first movement of the Carl Maria von Weber Clarinet Concerto. Chavez speaks mostly Spanish, so we translate his portion of the interview.

Thanks to Sandra Jackson (Chavez's teacher) and Luis Botello (for translation help). Chavez has studied for many years with Luis Vargas.

This edition of Studio A was engineered by Kolyo Vanchev, with help from Stefan Wiebe.

Kate Botello is a host and producer at Classical IPR.