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Mars and Venus for Sweet Dreams and Health and Quiet Breathing: This week on Storyteller's Night Sky

Sky & Telescope
Mars is beautifully positioned between Pleiades and Aldebaran in the morning sky all week, a region of sky it will pass through three times over the coming months while it makes its apparent retrograde motion. Image from Sky & Telescope.

This week Mars comes closest to the Bull’s Eye star Aldebaran in Taurus, while Venus sweeps past Regulus, at the heart of the Lion, all of which will be seen in the morning sky.

Mars is visible an hour before sunrise high in the East, beautifully positioned between the Pleiades star cluster and the Bull’s Eye. Fixed-star astrologer Bernadette Brady describes that when Mars aligns to Aldebaran it denotes the successful craftsperson, and can mean a time for gaining success through decisive action. So it’s worth noting that right now Mars is covering territory that it will pass over three times in the next several months, because of its once-every-two-years retrograde that begins soon.

Then there’s Venus near the heart star Regulus, which Brady describes as the mark of a creative person who seeks perfection and needs to rise above petty jealousies. English Romantic poet John Keats was born with Venus near Regulus.

Apart from poetry, Keats’ letters to friends and loved ones are regarded by many as the most notable and the most important ever written by any English poet.

So here to cast the appropriate mood for your morning stargazing, these thoughts from John Keats, from a letter to his sister Fanny: O there is nothing like fine weather, and health, and Books, and a fine country, and a contented Mind, and Diligent-habit of reading and thinking, and an amulet against the ennui~and, please heaven, a little claret-wine cool out of a cellar a mile deep~with a few or a good many ratafia cakes~a rocky basin to bathe in, a strawberry bed to say your prayers to Flora in…

Mary Stewart Adams is a Star Lore Historian and host of “The Storyteller’s Night Sky.” As a global advocate for starry skies, Mary led the team that established the 9th International Dark Sky Park in the world in 2011, which later led to her home state of Michigan protecting 35,000 acres of state land for its natural darkness.