Developmentally Disabled

On yesterday's Stateside, we heard about a young Flint man named Justin Dawson.

Tony Dawson is Justin's grandmother.

"He's 28 years old, but I would say mentally probably about seven or eight years old," she said. "He's always been a good boy. He did graduate from special ed classes – just way behind, way behind mentally."

What happens to someone when they're found mentally incompetent to stand trial in Michigan? One Flint man's story offers some clues.

Justin Lee Dawson is severely developmentally disabled. Though Dawson is 28 years old, his family says he has the IQ of a six-year-old child.

Aaron Selbig

A group home for developmentally disabled adults in Traverse City has lost most of its residents over the last two years.

People who live at BrickWays get help with daily activities like cooking and doing their laundry, but changes in Medicaid have reduced their benefits to the point where they’re forced out of the home. The budget cuts have trickled down from the federal government into Michigan’s mental health system.

Advocates for the developmentally disabled say it’s not fair.

The hallmark of Rick Snyder’s tenure as Michigan’s governor has been his relentless drive to run government like a business.