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Northern Michigan is mostly white and rural. If you’re Black, like Dilla Scott and her three children, life Up North can be hard.

They say they’ve been harassed over their 30 years living here. They’ve endured, relying on each other and their faith in God.

But now the arrest of a family member has shaken their conviction.

And they are wondering if it is time to go.

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A Missaukee County man in his late 70s died this afternoon from COVID-19. 

The man was hospitalized at Munson Healthcare Cadillac Hospital on Tuesday for shortness of breath, according to District Health Department #10. He was tested for COVID-19 and results came back positive two days later.

Nadine Kobty-Hogg

Dr. Nadine Kobty-Hogg was born in Lebanon but had to flee with her parents because of Lebanon’s devastating civil war. Until then, Beirut was known as “the Paris of the Middle East” and Nadine notes that only war would have forced her family to leave.

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When voters within the Cadillac school district vote in Michigan’s Primary Tuesday, they’ll also decide whether to continue funding a millage.


It pays operating costs for Cadillac Area Public Schools, according to the district. 



The hospital in Manistee will close their maternity unit on May 31. In a statement, the CEO of Munson Healthcare Manistee Hospital James Barker says providing maternity services is a challenge for rural hospitals.

Charlevoix County Sheriff's Office

Counterfeit money is circulating in northern Michigan, from Emmet and Charlevoix counties to Traverse City and Cadillac. Most of the bills are $100s, have Chinese writing on them and feel more like paper than money.

Captain Jim Bussell with the Traverse City Police Department says counterfeit money has shown up in northern Michigan before but the distribution has changed recently.

Morgan Springer

In Tuesday's election, voters passed two school bonds in northwest Lower Michigan, while two narrowly lost. 

It worked out for Cadillac Area Public Schools this time. Its bond proposal failed last year, but yesterday a new proposal – for slightly less money – passed with 56 percent of the vote. Now $65.5 million will go towards things like a new early childhood center, renovating buildings and equipment. 

Morgan Springer

School districts across Michigan are asking voters for more money for building renovations and equipment. More than 20 bond proposals are on ballots Tuesday, May 8. A number of those districts are trying again after bond proposals failed in previous elections.

New Hope Shelter

Efforts to expand a homeless shelter in Cadillac have been put on hold after public opposition. New Hope Shelter has five locations in the Cadillac area, including shelters for men, women and families.

The organization was planning to move its men’s shelter to a larger building near the downtown to meet growing demand for beds, but opponents had a number of complaints. Among them, opponents said the location would negatively affect Cadillac’s downtown revitalization efforts and was not in line with Cadillac's master plan.

Linda Stephan

Right now, if a children get sick in the Cadillac region, they can be hospitalized as an inpatient at Munson Healthcare Cadillac Hospital. Beginning in May, those kids will be sent to Munson Medical Center in Traverse City or Helen DeVos Children's Hospital in Grand Rapids.

Tom Carr

We’ve all heard of pay-to-play sports. Well, for Cadillac recreation league hockey players it’s work-to-play. That’s because it is now up to them to keep their county-owned hockey rink open.

Volunteers are also helping several other counties and cities around Michigan and elsewhere in this era of tight budgets.

Eric Gustafson, for instance, could have been working around the house on a recent Saturday. Instead, he stepped into what feels like a refrigerator with classic rock blaring.

Linda Stephan

Leaders at Munson Healthcare say they have a final agreement to buy two more hospitals. Mercy Cadillac and Mercy Grayling are currently owned by a major Catholic health system based in Southeast Michigan, CHE Trinity Health.



The deal is expected to be final February 1st. For now leaders are keeping quiet about the purchase price and other financial details. The sale still needs approvals from the government and the Catholic Church.

Linda Stephan

UPDATED 8/25/2014 This story has been corrected to properly reflect the role of Mayor Carla Filkins at Mercy Cadillac. She oversees the purchasing of supplies. We regret our earlier error.

Two northern Michigan hospitals now owned by a national health system could soon be the property of Munson Healthcare in Traverse City. A deal for Mercy Grayling and Mercy Cadillac is expected in September.

Going local is just the opposite of what we’ve seen in Petoskey, Cheboygan and Ludington. All joined major hospital systems in recent years, in part for the stability and access to capital those big players can provide.

In Cadillac no one seems very worried about bucking the trend. That’s at least in part due to the efforts of one man. The outgoing CEO of Mercy Cadillac is leading the transition into Munson as his final legacy before retirement.

City of Cadillac expands free bike program

Aug 15, 2014
City of Cadillac

A free bike rental program in Cadillac was expanded this summer. Today the city is loaning out 30 bicycles at two locations. The original location remains at Mitchell State Park. The city has added a second rental location across Lake Cadillac at the downtown After 26 Café.

Mayor Carla Filkins says the program, called Bike Cadillac, is designed to encourage more visitors and residents to use the area’s bike trails.

Four Winns Has New Owner

Jun 25, 2014
Tom Carr

A French firm now owns Four Winns and other boat brands based in Cadillac. The Beneteau Group, which touts itself as the world's number one yacht builder, is the new employer of 500 people who build the fiberglas boats on Cadillac's north side.

Employees at Rec Boat Holdings learned the news Tuesday. While the town is keeping its fingers crossed that the plant will stay put, company officials say there are reasons to be optimistic.

Michigan Department of Community Health

Munson Healthcare is ready to acquire two more hospitals. The Traverse City-based system has signed a letter of intent to purchase Mercy Hospital Grayling and Mercy Hospital Cadillac.

The hospitals are now owned by CHE Trinity Health, a Catholic system with hospitals in 20 states and many in southern Michigan. Both have had a shared management arrangement with Munson for more than a decade.

Ed Ness, president and CEO of Munson Healthcare, says the move makes sense since the nearest Trinity Hospitals are in Muskegon and Grand Rapids.

Last Chance For Cadillac's Ice Rink

May 2, 2014
Tom Carr

The people who skate and play hockey at the Wexford Civic Center are now managing it.

Known as the Wex, the county-owned facility was in danger of closing before a citizens' group offered to run it.

Wexford County commissioners voted Wednesday to let volunteers oversee, market and raise funds for the ice rink and auditorium.

Mike Figliomeni, spokesman for the group known as Boon Sports Management, thinks people will notice a positive change.

In Cadillac one of the city’s most historic buildings is in the process of being reborn. But the market is tough these days for new office space, even for what might be the most ornate office building up north.

Monument to Cadillac’s golden age

It’s hard to imagine a more historic building in the region. The Cobbs and Mitchell building stretches back to the lumber era when Cadillac was an economic powerhouse. Cliff Sjogren, past president of the Wexford County Historical Society, says it had the strongest economy in Michigan.

The Four Winns boat plant in Cadillac hoped for steady growth when it struggled out of bankruptcy two years ago. Yet, after an initial surge, employment has hit a plateau. Even with auto companies having bounced back from near death to record profits, the boat business is slow to pick up.

Cadillac Hopes Boat Market Improves

Apr 29, 2010

The City of Cadillac hopes to see the motor boat business bounce back this summer. One of its big employers, Four Winns, has a new owner, and it's begun calling back laid off workers.

The parent company is even moving another boat brand to Cadillac, Glastron.

Reports about tax incentives being offered by the state suggest thousands of new jobs could result. But for that to happen, more people are going to need to be buying boats.