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Kids Commute: Vivaldi "Winter" Week!

We'll hear the poetry and identify the musical elements that create Antonio Vivaldi's iconic representation of winter.

This week on IPR's Kids Commute, we're listening to "Winter" by Antonio Vivaldi. The Italian composer wrote a set of sonnets for all four seasons, then created music that matches them perfectly.

Meet all the "characters" in Vivaldi's "Winter" and hear the iconic music this week on Kids Commute! Tune in Monday through Friday at 7:40 and 3:20, or listen any time at the links below.

This will be a short Kids Commute week, with episodes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We'll return Monday, November 28th.

Kids Commute - VIVALDI WINTER WEEK! Monday: I. Allegro non molto
Camerata Chicago (led by Drostan Hall), Amelia Piscitelli (violin), Steve Robinson (narrator)
Kids Commute: Vivaldi "Winter" Week!
Kids Commute - VIVALDI WINTER WEEK! Wednesday: Allegro
Camerata Chicago (led by Drostan Hall), Amelia Pisicitelli (violin), Steve Robinson (narrator)

This week's Quizlet: what are you most grateful for?

We're incredibly grateful, every single day, for YOU!!

Here's what you answered:

  • Tanner and Alivia - family and friends
  • Sam - family
  • Evan - my pet's companionship
  • Eliza - music
  • Kate - so much, but family near the top (and Kids Commute!) aww thanks, Kate!
  • Mackey- my warm house
  • Cooper- shoes
  • Jack - So grateful for my hands so I can buckle my seat belt!
  • Thomas - cereal
  • Jack - eggs
  • Rebekah - books
  • Robin - snow
  • Elisabeth - That I can read!
  • Evee - family, friends, and all the fun I've had with people
  • Wesley - "Wesley is thankful for chickens for the eggs, companionship, and meat." (haha Wesley!)
  • Ollie - my family, my toys and my house
  • Sophie - mother, father, sister and grandmother
  • Carol - The Holy One
  • Salvador & Fern - thankful for their family
  • Ames - school and soccer
  • Copeland - food and water
  • Hazel - I am grateful for Kids Commute. I am grateful for it because without it mornings would be boring." Haha! Thanks, Hazel!!
  • Clara - I am thankful for everything that I have
  • Evelyn Sue - grateful for my family and to see my cousins at Thanksgiving
  • Ava - my cats and dogs and my fish, Finley
  • Jacob & Sam - family
  • Alwin - snow
  • Oliver, Theo and Zanetta - family
  • Kai and Teagan - my family and my puppy
  • Luke - my choir director, my brother and Zear

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Kids Commute!
Amanda Sewell is our music director; our digital content manager is Kacie Brown. Production help for this season comes from Delia Zaleski and Joseph Levesque.

Kate Botello is a host and producer at Classical IPR.