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Opera students Mackenzie and Maddie will each play the title role in Gilbert and Sullivan's "Patience" this week at Interlochen!

Gilbert and Sullivan's operetta "Patience" is all about what's "aesthetic" - that's 1800s slang for "cool."

This week, we'll learn all about "Patience" with the opera students at Interlochen Arts Academy and their director, Laura Osgood Brown.

Tune in Monday through Friday at 7:40 and 3:20, or listen any time below.

Then, on Friday at 7 p.m., join us online for a watchalong party with the Interlochen students' performance of "Patience."

Kids Commute - PATIENCE WEEK! Monday: In a Doleful Train (W.F. Gilbert & Arthur Sullivan)
Soloists: Lotte Chanter, Lynn Kang, Olivia Salazar
Kids Commute - PATIENCE WEEK! Tuesday: Am I Alone and Unobserved ("Patience" by Gilbert & Sulllivan)
Reginald Bunthorne: Jessica Kodsi. Piano/Soojin Kang, engineered by Stefan Wiebe
Kids Commute - PATIENCE WEEK! Wednesday: Long Years Ago/Prithee, Pretty Maiden (from "Patience" by Gilbert and Sullivan)
"Long Years Ago" - Maddie Zuckerman (Patience)/Kayden Carter (Lady Angela); "Prithee Pretty Maiden" - Amelia Friess (Archibald Grosvenor)/Mackenzie Collins (Patience); Soojin Kang, Piano; Stefan Wiebe, Engineer
Kids Commute - PATIENCE WEEK! Thursday: If Saphir I Choose to Marry ("Patience" by Gilbert and Sullivan)
Maddie Beeghly (Duke), Noah Sych (Major), Luca McCauley (Colonel), Neenah Fuste (Lady Saphir), Kayden Carter (Lady Angela). Piano: Soojin Kang. Engineer: Stefan Wiebe
Kids Commute - PATIENCE WEEK! Friday: Love is a Plaintive Song ("Patience" by Gilbert and Sullivan)
Mackenzie Collins (Patience)/Piano: Soojin Kang/Engineer: Stefan Wiebe
The cast of "Patience" poses after recording the music for this week's Kids Commute!

If you want to attend the students' production of "Patience" in person, it's happening Friday, May 13 and Saturday, May 14 at 7:30 p.m. in Harvey Theater at Interlochen Center for the Arts. For more information and tickets, click here.

Soojin Kang is the collaborative pianist for the production.

Stefan Wiebe engineered the recordings in this week's program.

Amanda Sewell produced the recording sessions with support from Laura Osgood Brown.

Kate Botello is the morning host on Classical IPR. She also hosts and produces Kids Commute and Show Tunes with Kate Botello.