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Domingo Valdez
El Universal Querétaro
Danza de los Concheros

This week, we'll learn about dances on wooden boxes, flying dances, dances about deer and, of course, the Mexican Hat Dance!

We'll also have a brand new Mexico-themed VISUAL quizlet for you! Scroll down for the clue.

Tune in Monday through Friday at 7:40 and 3:20, or listen any time below.

Kids Commute - MEXICAN DANCE WEEK! Monday: El querreque (Trio Armonia Huasteca)

Kids Commute - MEXICAN DANCE WEEK! Tuesday: Danza de los Concheros (Los Folkloristas)

Here's a closeup view of a conchera guitar:

San Antonio Museum of Art
Wikipedia Commons, user Thelmadatter
A conchera guitar

Kids Commute - MEXICAN DANCE WEEK! Wednesday: Danza del Venado (Members of the Folkloric Ballet of Mexico)
"Dance of the Deer"
Kids Commute - MEXICAN DANCE WEEK! Thursday: Danza de las Voladores
Audio from a ritual held in the Papantla region

Here's a video of these fabulous flyers, from the perspective of a dancer!

Kids Commute - MEXICAN DANCE WEEK! Friday: Jarabe Tapatio (The "Mexican Hat Dance")
Mariachi Mexico de Pepe Villa

Here's a video of the dance!


Do you know who this Mexican artist is?

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Frida Kahlo, Self-Portrait with a Monkey

Kate Botello is the morning host on Classical IPR. She also hosts and produces Kids Commute and Show Tunes with Kate Botello.