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Kids Commute - Messiah Week!

Handel - National Portrait Gallery London.jpg
George Friedrich Handel - National Portrait Gallery London

IPR Music Director Amanda Sewell helps Kate clear up some misconceptions about Handel's famous oratorio!

This week on Kids Commute, we'll learn about Handel's "Messiah."

"Messiah" is often heard during the holiday season, and IPR Music Director will help Kate sort out some common misconceptions about Handel's famous oratorio.

We'll have a new Quizlet for you, too!

Tune in Monday through Friday at 7:40 a.m. and 3:20 p.m. or listen any time at the links below.

Kids Commute - no kid or commute required!

Kids Commute - MESSIAH WEEK! Monday: Every Valley Shall Be Exalted
Dunedin Consort/Nicholas Mulroy, tenor
Kids Commute - MESSIAH WEEK! Tuesday: And the Glory of the Lord
G.F. Handel/Dunedin Consort and Players
Kids Commute - MESSIAH WEEK! Wednesday: For Unto Us a Child is Born
G.F. Handel/Dunedin Consort
Kids Commute - MESSIAH WEEK! Thursday: Pifa
G.F. Handel/Dunedin Players
Kids Commute - MESSIAH WEEK! Friday: Hallelujah Chorus
G.F. Handel/Dunedin Consort and Players

Kate Botello is a host and producer at Classical IPR.