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Sea Shanty Week!

Sea Shanty Week!
Cdr. Nathan Jones
Sailors winch in a mooring line on the bow of the destroyer USS HAYLER (DD-997) as the ship ties up for one of several Baltic seaport visits during BALTOPS 94. The HAYLER is flagship for Baltic Operation '94, the U.S. sponsored annual multinational exercise.

Avast, me hearties - it's Sea Shanty Week! We'll swab the decks and learn work songs for sailors.

Hey, Kids Commuters!

It's the last week of Kids Commute for the 2020-2021 school year, and we're going to have some fun - with work songs!

These particular work songs are for sailors, called "sea shanties." A sea shanty is a song sung to a particular rhythm for specific work - hoisting a sail, pumping the bilge, etc.

KC 4155 - SEA SHANTY WEEK! Monday:
"Hangin' Johnny" - performance and interview with Lee Murdock
KC 4156 - SEA SHANTY WEEK! Tuesday:
"Boney Was a Warrior" - The X-Seamen's Institute
KC 4157 - SEA SHANTY WEEK! Wednesday:
"What Shall We Do with a Drunken Sailor?" - Ray Richards
KC 4158 - SEA SHANTY WEEK! Thursday:
"Lowlands (Away)" - La Nef
KC 4159 - SEA SHANTY WEEK! Friday:
"KC Surprise" - a mystery shanty by Mark Harrison and Blaise Smith! HAPPY SUMMER!

Hear a terrific pile of Sea Shanties, and hear more from our friend Lee Murdock in our "Sea Shanty Singalong Soiree!" Click here to listen.

This week's MAYA MIX features all the music we heard this week, plus a lovely Lee Murdock rendition of "Red Iron Ore/The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" and the rest of La Nef's terrific "Sea Songs and Shanties" album!

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Kate Botello is the morning host on Classical IPR. She also hosts and produces Kids Commute and Show Tunes with Kate Botello.