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GAMEPLAY: Jazz II: The great video game songbook

The Grammy-winning 8-Bit Big Band is a jazz/pops orchestra led by arranger Charlie Rosen, formed to celebrate the canon of video game music standards.

Jazz artists are reinterpreting video game standards in an explosion of creativity.

Video game music is full of standards: tunes that have become a part of our culture.

For many years, jazz artists have been reinterpreting and reinventing these beloved melodies in an explosion of creativity.

Join us as we explore the Great Video Game Songbook!

Generous support for the music heard on this program comes from the Robert T. and Ruth Haidt Hughes Memorial Acquisitions Fund.

Special thanks to Michael Culler for engineering assistance. Production assistance provided by Delia Zaleski.
Amanda Sewell is IPR's Music Director.
Emily Duncan Wilson is IPR's Digital Content Manager.

Keith Brown is GAMEPLAY’s host and executive producer.

Koji Kondo, arr. Charlie Rosen - Rosalina in the Observatory (Super Mario Galaxy) - The 8-Bit Big Band, feat. Mark Dover, clarinet

Hiroshige Tonomura, arr. Charlie Rosen - The Moon Theme (Duck Tales) - The 8-Bit Big Band

Jonathan Coulton, arr. Charlie Rosen - Still Alive (Portal) - The 8-Bit Big Band

Koji Kondo, arr. Charlie Rosen - Saria’s Song (Zelda: Ocarina of Time) - The 8-Bit Big Band, feat. Adam Neely, bass

Naoto Ishida, arr. PeeWee and Michiko Hill - Big Blue (F-Zero) - feat. Marc Russo, alto saxophone

Yumiko Kandki, arr. PeeWee and Michiko Hill - White Land (F-Zero) - feat. Michiko Hill, piano and PeeWee Hill, bass

Masato Nakamura, arr. Charlie Rosen - Spring Yard Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog) - The 8-Bit Big Band

Nobuo Uematsu, arr. Ryu Kawamura - Aerith’s Theme Jazz Arrangement (Final Fantasy 7) - feat. Eijiro Nakagawa, trombone and Ryoji Ihara, tenor saxophone

Hirokazu Tanakam, arr. Charlie Rosen - Super Mario Land Underground (Super Mario Land) - The 8-Bit Big Band, feat. Leo P, baritone saxophone

Yasunori Mitsuda, arr. Carlos Eiene (insaneintherainmusic) - Millennial Fair (Chrono Trigger) - Ocabanda

Norihiko Hibino, arr. Charlie Rosen - Snake Eater (Metal Gear Solid 3) - The 8-Bit Big Band, feat. Tiffany Mann, vocals

Check out this YouTube video of the amazing 8-Bit Big Band in action, performing "Snake Eater" from Metal Gear Solid 3!

Keith Brown is the host of Matinee Classics and the host and producer of GAMEPLAY.