Team 5 TCAPS loses school board election, with one exception

Nov 7, 2018

Voters mostly rejected a group of candidates campaigning as a team for the Traverse City school board. Team 5 TCAPS candidates ran on a similar platform, calling for more transparency and accountability in the district, but only one of the five candidates – Erica Moon Mohr – was elected Tuesday.

Matt Anderson, Pamela Forton and Sue Kelly also won four-year terms. Voters selected Jeff Leonhart for a two-year term. These candidates have expressed support for the current district Superintendent Paul Soma. You can learn more about the new school board members here.

Grand Traverse County unofficial election results:

Candidates elected to four-year terms:

Matt Anderson: 16,445 or 15.5 percent of the vote

Pamela Forton: 15,477 or 14.7 percent

Sue Kelly: 13,860 or 13.2 percent

Erica Moon Mohr: 13,533 or 12.9 percent

Candidate elected to a two-year term:

Jeff Leonhardt: 18,088 or 62.4 percent of the vote