TC Splash Pad Needs Major Repairs -- According To Preliminary Report

Jul 18, 2014

Credit Laura Herberg

The Traverse City splash pad needs major repairs, according to a preliminary report by consultants hired by the city.

The report details 18 different issues -- including safety hazards. It also says the splash pad at Clinch Park doesn't meet state code in several areas.

It’s just a draft report, but it estimates that repairs could cost the city anywhere from $350,000 to nearly $750,000.

Traverse City Mayor Michael Estes says he’s surprised by the "extent to which the consulting firm found areas of issue with design and implementation."

"They found flaws with many aspects of the splash pad itself," Estes says.

He expects the city commission to discuss the preliminary findings on Monday.

The “William G. Milliken Waterscape” debuted last summer -- but closed shortly after when raw sewage rained down on children playing there. That problem was fixed before it re-opened later in the season.

City officials are trying to decide whether to sue the company that designed the water park.