Summer Music Series: Robin Lee Berry

Aug 2, 2018

Robin Lee Berry is a singer-songwriter and a mainstay in northern Michigan’s folk music scene. She came Up North in the 80s as a single mom.

"I look back, and I think those times were really, really hard," says Berry. "They were full of a lot of successes too. Because if you can just get up and breathe every day, you’ve already gotten ahead of what you thought was an obstacle." 

Berry says recording music was hard back then, and she remembers leaving gigs in the early morning hours.

"Driving home on three and a half tires and hardly any gas in the car, and the car dies," she says. "It’s two in the morning, and you’re wearing a silk shirt, and it’s winter."

Now, Berry says things are much easier. She lives in Boyne City and is working on her next studio album.