Stateside: Sanders and Biden in MI; census moves online; COVID-19 halts Detroit water shut-offs

Mar 9, 2020

Today on Stateside, Democratic front-runners in the presidential primary are making their final pitch to Michigan voters. We spoke to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, and heard about former Vice President Joe Biden's message to voters in Grand Rapids. Plus, the city of Detroit will restore water to thousands of households because of fears about the spread of COVID-19. 

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Bernie Sanders on Medicare for All, young voters, and his vote on the auto bailout

  • Bernie Sanders is a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, and an Independent U.S. Senator from Vermont. 
  • Stateside reached out to Joe Biden for an interview. His campaign declined to make him available. 

Ahead of Tuesday’s primary, Joe Biden makes stops in Grand Rapids and Detroit

  • Michigan Radio reporter Bryce Huffman covers West Michigan. 

The 2020 census will take place mostly online. Experts says that raises cybersecurity concerns.

  • Anjana Susarla is an associate professor of information systems at Michigan State University. 

Michigan likely needs realtor buy-in to pass a septic code

  • Kaye LaFond is a the science and conservation reporter for Interlochen Public Radio.
  • Sheri McWhirter is a reporter with the Traverse City Record Eagle.

Detroit places moratorium on water shutoffs over COVID-19 public health fears

  • Nadia Gaber has a Ph.D. in medical anthropology, and is currently a medical student at the University of California San Francisco. She has worked with We the People of Detroit, a group advocating against water shut-offs in the city. 
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