Stateside: Rep. Levin on new COVID aid package; rapid testing flaws; online quarantine arts archive

Apr 22, 2020
Originally published on June 15, 2020 11:33 am

Today on Stateside, a new test for COVID-19 gives results quickly, but those results aren't always accurate. Plus, it's Earth Day and we spoke with a congressman about how the COVID crisis could serve as an opportunity to rethink how we treat the earth.

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Lawmaker hopes approved program will put older students on track to associates degrees

Stateside’s conversation with Sarah Anthony

  • Sarah Anthony is a Democratic Michigan House Representative from Michigan’s 68th House District

Online space for artists forms a real-time creative archive during COVID-19 quarantine

Stateside’s conversation with Sherina Sharpe and Christin Lee

  • Sherina Sharpe is a co-founder of Six Feet of Distance and an artist and educator in Detroit.
  • Christin Lee is a co-founder of Six Feet of Distance and founded Room Project, which is a low-cost space for women and non-binary artists

New COVID-19 tests for SE Michigan offer fast results, but low accuracy

Stateside’s conversation with Lindsey Smith

  • Lindsey Smith is a morning news editor for Michigan Radio

Rep. Levin on COVID response, stimulus, and Earth Day

Stateside’s conversation with Andy Levin

  • Andy Levin is a congressman from Michigan’s 9th district
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