Stateside: Courts and COVID-19; what the Amish can teach us about tech; Michigan and 2020 politics

Mar 12, 2020
Originally published on March 13, 2020 1:18 pm

Today on Stateside, the COVID-19 conundrum facing Michigan's courts. What's the best way to protect defendants, jury, and staff without the wheels of justice grinding to a halt? Plus, one writer considers what we can learn from Amish communities' cautious, considered use of technology.

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Chief Justice urges Michigan courts to delay some trials, move to video conferencing when possible

  • Bridget McCormack is the chief justice of the Michigan Supreme Court.

Puff, puff, don’t pass. COVID-19 postpones this year’s Hash Bash.

  • Nick Zettell is an organizer for the 49th annual Hash Bash in Ann Arbor.

What we can learn from Amish communities’ cautious, considered use of technology


  • Jeff Smith is the author of Becoming Amish: A Family’s Search for Faith, Community, and Purpose.  He recently wrote an essay about what what the Amish can teach us about technology in the Washington Post.

POLITICO correspondent on how Michigan fits into the 2020 political landscape

  • Tim Alberta is chief political correspondent for POLITICO and the author of the book American Carnage.
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