Show Tunes with Kate Botello - Episode 35

Jan 22, 2017

This week - a special visit from Nate Patten and Cam Collins, from the podcast #BookedIt! A Broadway Musician's Guide to Theatre, Facebook & Being #Grateful

Welcome to Episode 35 of Show Tunes with Kate Botello! Coming up: musical matchmaking and upcoming openings. At Intermission, a stern but hilarious lesson in social media etiquette from Nate Patten and Cam Collins, hosts of the theatre podcast, #BookedIt. In Act Two - ever been so moved you called your loved one’s name in song? These people have.


Click through for this week's playlist!



Here's this week's playlist:

  • HELLO DOLLY (1964) - Overture
  • FIDDLER ON THE ROOF (1964) - Matchmaker, Matchmaker
  • COMPANY (1970) - Have I Got a Girl for You
  • THE LITTLE MERMAID (2008) - Kiss the Girl
  • THE PIRATE MOVIE (1982) - Happy Ending
  • SUNSET BOULEVARD (1994) - Surrender
  • SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE (1984/2006 London) - Sunday in the Park with George
  • MISS SAIGON (1991) - Bui-Doi

INTERMISSION - The Nate Patten and Cam Collins podcast #BookedIt - A Broadway Musician's Guide to Theatre, Facebook & Being #Grateful.  The show wickedly skewers online "humble-bragging" of all sorts. CONTENT WARNING - Nate's insights are funny, frank - and foul. He uses a lot of strong language. He's also a gifted interviewer, and the podcast features a series of wonderfully-spoken, interesting guests.  Due to adult language, this podcast is not for children! I enjoy it a lot, but usually wear headphones. Find #BookedIt on iTunes or Stitcher.

  • WEST SIDE STORY (1957) - Maria
  • PURLIE (1970) - Purlie
  • MAN OF LA MANCHA (1965) - Dulcinea
  • HELLO, DOLLY! (1964) - Finale

Here's that clip from THE PIRATE MOVIE that was stuck in my head when I was working on this episode. This one contains some oddball annotations from the person who posted it, but it's the best version I can find of the scene online:

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