Show Tunes with Kate Botello - Episode 26

Jun 12, 2016

SOPHISTICATED LADIES - a star-studded retrospective of the work of Duke Ellington - won the Tony for Best Musical in 1981

Welcome to Episdoe 26 - the special Season Two Finale of Show Tunes with Kate Botello! Tonight - we throw our format out the window of the legendary Birdland Jazz Club in midtown Manhattan. It’s a Sophisticated Reunion with Terri Klausner, Ty Stephens and Valarie Pettiford - all original cast members of 1981’s Best Musical - SOPHISTICATED LADIES.

After a sophisticated introduction, we’ll hear highlights from their incredible careers. Tonight’s show will be presented in its entirety, without Intermission, due to an excess of excellence.

Click through for this week's playlist!

  • SOPHISTICATED LADIES (1981) - Sophisticated Lady
  • SOPHISTICATED LADIES (1981) - Hit Me with a Hot Note and Watch Me Bounce (feat. Terri Klausner)
  • SOPHISTICATED LADIES (1981) - Cottontail (also tonight's exit music!)
  • EVITA (1979) - Rainbow High
  • GOBLIN MARKET (1986) - The Sisters (feat. Terri Klausner)
  • AQUARIAN MIND (2006) - That Damn Full Moon, Again (feat. Ty Stephens)
  • GRIND (1985) - The Grind (feat. Valarie Pettiford)
  • WEIRD ROMANCE (1992) - Weird Romance (feat. Valarie Pettiford)
  • FOSSE (1999) - Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries (feat. Valarie Pettiford)
  • SOPHISTICATED LADIES (1981) - Love You Madly/Perdido

Terri Klausner, Ty Stephens and Valarie Pettiford onstage for, "A Sophisticated Reunion," at Birdland Jazz Club. (Photo, Kevin Alvey,
Credit Photo: Kevin Alvey,

Endless thanks to our honored guests Terri Klausner, Ty Stephens and Valarie Pettiford, who were so generous with their time, energy and stories; and to Jim Caruso, Broadway at Birdland, Gianni Valenti and Birdland Jazz Club.

Here's Terri Klausner with her signature number from SOPHISTICATED LADIES - Hit Me with a Hot Note and Watch Me Bounce!

...and here's Valarie Pettiford tearing up All That Jazz in a tribute to Chita Rivera! (Valarie left the cast of FOSSE to join Chita in London for CHICAGO!)

..and here's Ty Stephens and The SoulJaazz with, Love Is in the Room!

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