Points North, Ep. 21: Pit Spitters

Jul 18, 2019

This week on Points North, Traverse City’s new baseball team dominates on the field, but getting fans in the seats has been another matter. Plus, a review of Kathleen Stocking’s collection of essays “From the Place of the Gathering Light.”

Fans slow to notice Pit Spitters' success

The Pit Spitters have performed well during their first season in Traverse City, but fans have been slow to notice.
Credit Dan Wanschura / Interlochen Public Radio

A lot of fanfare accompanied the announcement that the Pit Spitters baseball team was coming to Traverse City. Billboards went up declaring “New Team. New Fun.” But even with renewed marketing efforts and the team’s recent 18-game winning streak, fan attendance has been low.

Hear how attendance compares to the Beach Bums and what the Pit Spitters are doing to make headway.

Traveling through Leelanau's history

Kathleen Stocking is the author of five books and lives in Traverse City.
Credit Minnie Wabanimkee

Kathleen Stocking’s latest book of essays “From the Place of the Gathering Light” has recently gone into its second printing. Thirty years after her book “Letters from Leelanau,” the northern Michigan writer turns again to the Leelanau Peninsula.

“Older and wiser, she reflects on the permanent and the changed,” says Aaron Stander of IPR’s Michigan Writers on the Air.

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