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  • Kindness is key in Rossini's take on Cinderella, where there's no magic: no glass slippers, no pumpkin carriage, and no fairy godmother!
  • Learn about the history of the saxophone through the actual instruments themselves! Jake Goldwasser is a saxophone player, a saxocologist, and the curating fellow with the Greenleaf Collection at Interlochen Center For The Arts, and he's a guest on Classical Sprouts this week, bringing to life the stories of some really cool and really old saxophones!
  • American rock and pop singer Linda Ronstadt sang the role of Mabel in the 1983 movie version of Gilbert and Sullivan's operetta, "The Pirates of Penzance." But she wasn't known as an opera singer. Hear how she used that to her advantage in this episode of Classical Sprouts!
  • Soft-hearted Pirates! Fast-talking Major-Generals! Love, insomnia, battles, and love for the Queen! We’re heading to the shores of Cornwall, England with our pirate costumes as we explore the Gilbert and Sullivan favorite, "The Pirates of Penzance!"

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