Outdoors: Loons' breath control

Jul 1, 2020

At Interlochen, breath control is a big deal. 

Singers, wind players, actors and dancers all have to deal with the basic need to have enough breath to produce their art.

Our beloved loons have breath control under control.  These remarkable birds can dive and stay under water for about three minutes, maybe more. And that is while undergoing strenuous exercise!

You can watch them disappear beneath the surface, but it is anybody’s guess where they might resurface.

Researchers have determined that during deep dives, a loon’s heart beats more slowly. The bird undergoes  special physiological changes, which not only help it survive oxygen depletion but also prevent it from developing the bends when it finally comes up for air.

The loon call is lovely by day. But echoing over the lake on a summer evening is magical. 

Loons have vocal projection under control, too.