Mesick school bond fails for the third time

Nov 7, 2018

The Mesick Consolidated Schools bond has failed again. This was the third time the district asked the community for more money for schools. The $13.7 million plan was to build an elementary school wing on the high school, upgrade technology and enhance security.

Judy Myers is 71. She doesn't have any grandkids in the district, but she voted for the bond.

"If we can pay for seniors to have a senior center," says Myers, "we can have a school for the kids."

But more people agreed with Cindy Short, who voted against it.

"I don’t have any little kids in school, and I don’t have any grandkids up here, and I can’t afford any more taxes," she says.

Short says that’s because she lives on a fixed income.

In May, the bond lost by 10 votes. But the loss was much greater this November. Unofficial results show a loss of more than 250 votes.