Kids Commute - Polka Week! Tuesday

Apr 2, 2019

The New York Knickerbockers, 1858 - the same year today's music was published!

Happy Tuesday! Welcome to Day Two of Polka Week on IPR's Kids Commute!

Since Monday was April Fool's Day, we are celebrating this week by becoming fools...for the polka! We'll be listening to some fun, goofy polkas all week, and give you a chance to goof around with us at Quizlet time.

Today, we'll hear the earliest song about baseball that exists in the Library of Congress. In fact, the song is so old (published in 1858), it spells "baseball" as two words!

KC 2116
The Base Ball Polka (1858)
James M Goodman
Triskelion All-Stars