Kids Commute - Erik Satie Week! Tuesday

Dec 4, 2018

KC 256 - Erik Satie, "Je te veux." This photo is of the composer in 1909. Lookin' pretty cool, huh?

Hey there Kids Commuters, and welcome to Day Two of Erik Satie Week!

This week, we're listening to music by the wonderfully odd French composer, Erik Satie. We'll hear his music and all kinds of fun stories about him.

Today, we'll hear Satie's big "hit" - a song he wrote for cabaret, called "Je te Veux" ("I Want You"). A cabaret is a nightclub where people eat or have drinks while performers make music - and Satie didn't really want people to know he worked there!

KC 256
"Je te veux" ("I want you")
Erik Satie
Klara Kormendi, pianist

Here's today's Kids Commute: