Kids Commute - Cat Week! Monday

Sep 17, 2018

May I have this dance meow, please? Meet, "The Waltzing Cat," on today's Kids Commute!

Happy Monday, Kids Commuters! We're purr-fectly excited, because it's CAT WEEK! We’re not talking about the musical by Andrew Lloyd Weber; we’re spending some time with some other musical cats this week. We’ll listen to music about or inspired by cats. Today is extra special, because we get to hear an orchestra meow like a cat!

Written by American composer Leroy Anderson, "The Waltzing Cat" was originally created for an orchestra. By the way, his name isn’t pronounced the typical way, LEE-roy, but a little more French-like: le-ROY. 

Anderson had some big hits - "Blue Tango" was the most popular song of 1952, and who can forget the classic holiday song, "Sleigh Ride?" Now let's meow along with the orchestra, and Leroy Anderson's "The Waltzing Cat!"

KC 210
The Waltzing Cat
Leroy Anderson
Arthur Fiedler/Boston Pops Orchestra

Here's today's Kids Commute:

Leroy Anderson also wrote words for, "The Waltzing Cat!" Here he is, performing:

Anderson's "Blue Tango" - #1 song of 1952!

And just for fun, here is John Williams and the Boston Pops Orchestra performing one of Leroy Anderson’s best known composition, Sleigh Ride, often played in the winter time around Christmas. In fact, one of your fellow Kids Commuters, Gwyneth, played the clapper in last year's Sounds of the Season concert at Interlochen! (Another one of you will have the chance this year, too!)