GAMEPLAY: Film and TV Composers

Nov 20, 2020

The cover of the 2018 game Spider-Man, scored by John Paesano and developed by Insomniac Games.
Credit By Source, Fair use: Wikipedia entry

  On GAMEPLAY this week: a celebration of some versatile composers who are just as much at home scoring for videogames, film, and TV! 


We’ll hear game music from Spider-Man, Dante’s Inferno, The Last of Us, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, and many more by some of the giants of the game industry, including Garry Schyman and multiple Emmy-winner and Interlochen alumna Laura Karpman.

Join us for an adventure on Classical IPR Saturday at 1 p.m.  This week’s full episode and playlist are available below.

Generous support for the music heard on this program comes from the Robert T. and Ruth Haidt Hughes Memorial Acquisitions Fund. Special thanks to Michael Culler for engineering assistance.  Keith Brown is GAMEPLAY’s host and executive producer.




Episode tracklist:

  1. John Paesano - The Golden Age (Spider-Man 2018) - Original soundtrack

  2. Pinar Toprak - The Defender of Truth (Ninety-Nine Nights) - Original soundtrack

  3. Penka Kouneva - Enemies of the Djinn (Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands) - Original soundtrack

  4. Gustavo Santaolalla - Home (The Last of Us) - Original soundtrack

  5. Gustavo Santaolalla - The Last of Us (The Last of Us) - Original soundtrack

  6. Yoko Kanno - Wild Wind (Napple Tale: Arsia In Daydream) - Original soundtrack

  7. Yoko Kanno - The Man in the Hole (Napple Tale: Arsia In Daydream) - Original soundtrack

  8. Yoko Kanno - Chocolate Forest (Napple Tale: Arsia In Daydream) - Original soundtrack

  9. Garry Schyman - Donasdogama Micma (Dante’s Inferno) - Original soundtrack

  10.  Garry Schyman - The Second Circle (Dante’s Inferno) - Original soundtrack

  11.  Garry Schyman - Dante, Casarma Treloch (Dante’s Inferno) - Original soundtrack

  12.  Laura Karpman - Main Title (Original Theme - Everquest II) - Original soundtrack

  13.  Laura Karpman - Nektulos Forest (Everquest II) - Original soundtrack

  14.  Laura Karpman - Qeynos (Everquest II) - Original soundtrack

  15.  Bear McCreary - Witch of the Woods (God of War 2018) - Original soundtrack

  16.  Bear McCreary - The Dragon (God of War 2018) - Original soundtrack