Essay: Bad Day

Aug 30, 2019

I don’t even notice that I’m getting out of bed on the wrong side until I grab for my socks and shove my toe into the heel.  And I wonder whether I should climb right back in and call it a day… a bad day.

“Hey, don’t be so negative,” I tell myself in my fake-positive voice.  “It’s just a sock.  Get a grip.”  So I get a grip on the coffee pot and manage to slosh it all over the kitchen counter and onto the floor where I soak my socks.  And when I throw the paper towel at the waste basket, I miss. 

Positive attitudes notwithstanding, I’m standing in wet socks with a mug of cold coffee. 

So, the question is:  Should risk leaving the house, driving my car, interacting with other citizens whose days might be going great until they cross my star-crossed path?

People who say, “Seize the Day” don’t mean this day when every drawer sticks and buttons fall off and all the traffic lights are red.  They mean those magical days when the sun shines and you’ve found true love at last.

Some days you seize; some days you just muddle through