Bergman holds U.S. 1st Congressional seat

Nov 7, 2018

Republican Jack Bergman

Republicans held onto the U.S. 1st Congressional seat. Incumbent Rep. Jack Bergman beat his Democratic challenger Matt Morgan handily. As of Tuesday night, Bergman had around 57 percent of the vote in northern Michigan, winning by more than ten percentage points.

He's now preparing for his second term representing northern lower Michigan and the Upper Peninsula.

"I went [to Congress] a couple of years ago, made some promises, and I’ve tried everything I can to keep those promises to the constituents of the first district, and people realize that," says Bergman. 

He says he’s proud of the work he’s done for veterans and on a recent bill authorizing money for a new Soo lock. Bergman says he'll continue working to conserve Michigan’s natural resources and increase high-speed internet access in rural areas. 

Morgan says he’s proud of the campaign he ran.

"The reality is that voters here vote based on the person – the individual – and that’s the type of campaign that we ran," says Morgan. "So for us it was not about party; it wasn’t about partisan politics. It was about just presenting a clear alternative and moving beyond what we see happening in Washington today."