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Classical Sprouts: Sprouts At The Met!

The Metropolitan Opera
Jonathan Ticler
Metropolitan Opera
Classical Sprouts producer Emily Duncan Wilson took a field trip to The Metropolitan Opera.

You're in for a magical episode this week on Classical Sprouts - in more ways than one!

Classical Sprouts producer Emily Duncan Wilson recently took a field trip to The Metropolitan Opera to learn more from a few young performers in this year's production of "The Magic Flute."

Michael Yi, Julian Knopf and Henry Baker sang - and even flew - as Child Spirits in Mozart's opera.

Emily talked with Julian and Henry, who are 12 and 14 years old, about what they experience as such young professional performers.

Magic Flute Child Spirits
Michael J. Yi, Julian Knopf and Henry Baker Schiff perform in The Metropolitan Opera's 2022 production of "The Magic Flute."

Even though they've already been performing in front of huge audiences for several years as members of the Metropolitan Opera Children's Chorus, they say they do get nervous sometimes, but that breathing exercises help.

They also occasionally have to miss school for rehearsals and performances, but they keep up with homework online and with tutors right there at The Met.

Child Spirits in the Metropolitan Opera's Production of "The Magic Flute"
MAREK BIELA - 508-654-7515
Henry Baker Schiff, center, and Julian Knopf, right, spoke with Emily backstage at The Met.

Between their scenes, Julian and Henry say they like to peek onstage to see what's happening during the rest of the opera.

What are their favorite parts of the show?

"Anytime there's a good melody," Julian says.

Listen to the episode to hear more from Julian and Henry, learn about The Metropolitan Opera's history and get more behind-the-scenes scoop about everything from elaborate wigs to feather-clad ballet dancers.

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