Paulette Parker

Paulette is a junior at Eastern Michigan University, majoring in media studies and journalism. She holds an Associate degree in Journalism from Washtenaw Community College, where she served as news editor of the student publication, The Washtenaw Voice.

Paulette was born and raised in Romulus, Michigan, where she resides today. She is married and has two young daughters.

People living in a Livonia neighborhood met Thursday to call on Ford Motor Company to clean up chemicals from the site of its nearby transmission plant.

Alden Village is on top of a plume of groundwater contaminated with vinyl chloride and trichlorethylene - both known carcinogens. The plume originated from the Ford property.

America's K-12 classrooms are more racially diverse than ever. The number of students who identify as minorities outnumber white students for the first time, and experts project that by 2023, only 45% of K-12 students will be white.

Metro Detroit once had a high-tech water warning system designed to detect chemical spills in real time. Now, it sits unused.

Built in 2006, the system was made up of a series of water monitoring devices at 14 plants from Port Huron to Monroe, mostly along Lake St. Clair and the Detroit River. The sensors sent data to computers utilized by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Macomb County and the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department.