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Karen Anderson essay: Rain or Shine

Windborne Studios

As my husband and I set off for a hike along Lake Michigan, the sky is cloudy and the forecast unfavorable—but we are wearing rain jackets and sturdy boots.  So, when the showers begin we shrug and exchange a smile.

We enjoy being outdoors, rain or shine.  Today, we are remembering another downpour on this same beach when we took cover under some cottager’s deck.  Laughing and dripping, we waited out the worst of it and continued our walk.

Now, we pull up our hoods and lean into the wind.  And as I trudge forward, I think about how we blame people when they let us down—but never blame nature.

I might complain when it rains on my parade but I don’t take it personally.  Don’t scowl and scold and wait for an apology.  What a relief!  And I wonder if I can learn something from this?

Learn to accept that human beings are as changeable as the weather?  Accept that there will be thunder and lightning?  And, in the midst of it, I can try to be slower to find fault, quicker to forgive—myself and others. 

Maybe we could focus on the parade instead of the rain.  Share an umbrella.