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Munson to expand opioid treatment for addiction

Max Johnston

Munson Medical Center in Traverse City will get a $400,000 grant to expand Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) for opioid addiction.

MAT involves the use of prescribed medication to curb opioid cravings and withdrawals. Many in the medical community say it’s a strong tool to combat the opioid epidemic.

The hospital will use the grant money to train staff in the Emergency Room to treat patients suffering from substance use disorder (SUD), says Terri Kelte, behavioral health director at Munson.

“It will (also) connect them to peer recovery coaches, which can share their story and help people get connected to resources outside the hospital,” Kelte says.

Munson received a similar $1.5 million grant last fall. Munson Behavioral Health Manager Susan Kramer says providing MAT is expensive.

SUD patients often have trauma and other health problems associated with their addiction, she says.

“It’s not just about throwing a medication towards the problem,” Kramer says. “It’s about the treatment that goes along with it and the wraparound support.”

According to Munson, 39.6 percent of SUD patients treated in the emergency room return within 90 days.