Munson gets grant money to fight opioid addiction

Oct 31, 2018

Credit Munson Healthcare

Munson Medical Center in Traverse City is getting $1.5 million to treat opioid addiction.


Some of the money will be used to offer medication-assisted treatment (MAT). That involves prescribed medication like Suboxone that suppresses opiate cravings and withdrawal symptoms.


Susan Kramer, behavioral health manager at Munson, says they’ll also offer behavioral health services.


“So if there’s underlying trauma that’s never been addressed, if there’s co-occuring mental health issues,” Kramer says. “It’s just the underlying issues and the lifelong situations that really kind of became the underpinning of continued addiction.”


Kramer says additional staff will be trained to handle opiate addiction cases.


The program is set to start in January and aims to reduce opioid abuse by 75 percent over a six-month period.