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Howes: Irony runs deep as MDEQ sues Flint for a 30 year water contract

Howes said Flint's other water supply options are "horrifying" and very risky.
Howes said Flint's other water supply options are "horrifying" and very risky.

Stateside's conversation with Daniel Howes, columnist and associate business editor for the Detroit News.

The political and legal drama continues to swirl around the beleaguered people of Flint.

The latest twist?

The state is suing the city of Flint for not approving a plan to get its drinking water from Detroit’s Great Lakes Water Authority.

Daniel Howes, business columnist for the Detroit News, joined Stateside today to dive into just how deep the pool of irony is when it comes to this lawsuit.

“The MDEQ, of course, if there’s any department or any group of people in the state that has more culpability… in the Flint water crisis, I don’t know what it is,” Howes said. “Their water people were the people that said, ‘Oh, you don’t need to do – you can make the switch and you don’t need to put corrosion controls in the water…’”

The water crisis followed from there.

“Now, they are suing essentially the city council for not accepting the deal that Mayor Karen Weaver has cut with the GLWA – the Great Lakes Water Authority, which is part of the old Detroit Water Department – for a thirty year supply contract.”

Listen above for the full conversation.

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