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Truth & Fiction About A State Pig Ban

File Photo: Peter Payette
File Photo: Peter Payette


For well more than a year, Interlochen Public Radio has been reporting on a possible ban in the state of Michigan of certain types of pigs. The ban passed and went into force April 1st.

The headlines for this story have never seemed sexy. But now that the ban is in place, a series of viral articles depict the state conservation officers as armed thugs raiding small farms.

The articles are full of misrepresentation and exaggeration. We're convinced at least one photo at the top of a story by Natural News is doctored.

As far as we can tell at IPR, small farms raising heritage pigs have not been targeted so far. No small, heritage pig farmers have contacted us saying they've been visited by the state Department of Natural Resources, and officials say they've focused efforts so far on hunting ranches and breeders who raise pigs for sport.

But the ban does raise real questions for some small-scale pig farmers. In our audio story, IPR's Peter Payette unravels some of the facts & fiction about Michigan's new ban on certain types of pigs.

Peter Payette is the Executive Director of Interlochen Public Radio.