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The Great Lakes are the largest freshwater system on the Earth's surface, home to a fragile fishery, and delicate shoreline beaches and dunes. They are also central to northern Michigan tourism, economies and our way of life.

Ludington To Invest In Beach Safety

The City of Ludington is considering spending $40,000 next year for beach safety, after a tragic summer for swimmers at the city beach and pier.

"No one here can remember the last time we had a drowning at the beach let alone three," says City Manager John Shay.

He says Ludington discontinued its lifeguard service last year because of financial pressures.

Now city officials could bring back lifeguards, do regular beach patrols, or put life saving rings along the pier.

Shay says they looked at examples of what other Lake Michigan towns are doing, including Grand Haven.

"They actually have life rings on their pier or break wall which are automated," he says. "So when one lifts the life ring up it automatically dials 911." 

Over the winter, they also will consider under what conditions they would close the pier and swimming beach to the public.

"We're just trying to come up with a way that we think that we can reasonably improve the safety at the beach while also recognizing that swimming in Lake Michigan is an inherently dangerous exercise," he says.